e-Health or digital health

e-Health, also called digital health, consists in the use of technology to improve human health and well-being and to enhance the services of the national health system, improving its quality, safety and the possibility for everyone to access treatment.
In e-health we talk about patient 2.0, referring to the new approach that the health system will need to adopt, placing the person at the centre of everything.
In other words, the e-health software development of IPPOCRATE AS consists in a set of services and digital tools for health and medical care.
The software house uses information and telecommunication technologies to improve activities such as prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as to improve the monitoring and management of health and lifestyles.

medicina e mixed reality
realtà virtuale in medicina

The objectives of e-health

The measures adopted by the European Commission and related to e-health are aimed to:

The three protagonists of e-health




e-Health application fields

Below some of the main application fields, accessible both through the public internet connection and through local networks:

e-health m-health software sanitari
medicina digitale

The benefits of e-health

Thanks to the advent of new technologies, such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), robotics and wearable, the way of understanding medicine has radically changed.
Software development for e-health represents an innovation that connects new technologies, clinical and administrative processes of healthcare companies and the skills of people working in the sector.
e-Health innovation brings together several disciplines, including clinical information technology, medicine and business administration.

dispositivi medici digitali
machine learning

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