e-health, m-health and medical software R&D projects

Healthcare is the mission that inspires us everyday to look for innovation in medicine. Are you looking for partners for e-health and m-health software R&D projects?

The digital transformation in medicine

Our softwares help health professionals monitor, treat and prevent diseases. We are specialists in digitalization of the medical sector and our solutions support patients in adopting beneficial behaviours. With us, technology is at the service of health.
A subsidiary of the JO Group, IPPOCRATE AS creates digital technologies to support healthcare and develops software for both companies and research centres in the healthcare sector. It is involved in European R&D (research and development) consortia and has a long track record of acquiring research funding from European Commission agencies, ministries and regions.

Attentive to every innovation, IPPOCRATE AS participates in projects throughout Europe, from Iceland to Turkey, from Lithuania to Portugal.


e-health, m-health and healthcare

WHO defines e-health and m-health as the safe and efficient use of information and communication technologies in support of health and health-related fields. Digital transformation measures include new patient-doctor communication techniques, more performing and safer than before.

The digital transformation is affecting also the healthcare sector, for example, it is applied to new forms of clinical assistance and surveillance, health education and new forms of research.
Year by year, the idea that the internet will revolutionise the organisation and the access to medical care has become established, making them more efficient and effective.

Medical software and technologies for healthcare

Research and development in e-health and m-health aim at making the health sector more efficient and at a higher quality of medical care, thanks to an improved communication between hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies and health insurance.
Moreover, digital technologies applied to the health sector improve the sharing of studies on several diseases at an international level and favour the development of new forms of doctor-patient interaction, ensuring more effective and easily accessible healthcare.


m-health, medical software and healthcare

An important branch of medical software is m-health, a sector that includes the use of mobile and multimedia telecommunication technologies, integrated into healthcare administration systems and depending on wireless technologies.
Online healthcare is inserted in a socio-technological context in which the interconnection among devices is of crucial importance, as well as the services and solutions related to healthcare.
m-health also involves remote assistance, which leads the optimisation and reduction of costs and the enhancement of quality of health services provided to patients.

Research and development in e-health, m-health and medical software

The activities carried out by the IPPOCRATE AS software house concern e-health, m-health, the implementation of internal software for home automation systems and the development of algorithms and databases for R&D activities in the medical health field.
Its solutions related to smart healthcare enable to improve the quality of life, support medical emergencies and manage health data directly on computers, tablets and smartphones in an intelligent and safe way.


How does IPPOCRATE AS work?

IPPOCRATE AS develops e-health and m-health solutions based on the Customer’s needs. Highly qualified staff is present throughout all the software production phases:

Analysis of the Customer’s needs, to better understand how to develop the software

Software design, based on the related best practices

Software development, which includes writing the source code

Testing and validation, to verify whether the software achieves the planned objectives

Some projects of IPPOCRATE AS

logo domus sapiens

Domus Sapiens

Domus Sapiens was developed thanks to the funding obtained from the strategic partnership with JO Consulting.
It is a home automation system that allows monitoring of health status and personal habits.
This advanced home automation system is based on innovative AAL (Active and Assisted Living) technologies.
It collects and processes data through a network of sensors placed inside the building and worn by people, in order to analyse anomalous behaviours and behaviour patterns to be modified for the well-being of people.


The experience gained in designing and smart solutions for health has allowed IPPOCRATE AS to realise Medicbox.
The app organises the medical data in a simple, fast and encrypted way and has a Lifesaving Code that can be used in case of emergency.
The Lifesaving Code of the app enables to store in a single place emergency contacts, important medical reports, medical visits and data, such as blood type, medical insurance and clinical information regarding allergies and intolerances.

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