Remote monitoring, e-health, m-health and telemedicine: the new frontiers of digital health

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Remote monitoring is an essential component of telemedicine, also known as e-health. Its advent makes it possible to remotely monitor patients without them having to go to clinics or hospitals in person.

Read on to learn all about remote monitoring, e-health, m-health and telemedicine.

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Digital health real-life examples

Imagine a patient with diabetes who uses his smartphone to monitor his blood sugar. Suddenly an alert arrives because the blood sugar levels are too high; the doctor sees this and immediately intervenes to restore normal values.

This and other examples of digital health (which we will see shortly) show how important remote monitoring is. Let’s now see in which areas it’s practised and with which applications.

e-health between connectivity and convenience

E-health employs information and communication technologies (ICT) for healthcare. Thanks to apps, web apps or WPAs and on-demand platforms, patients can now access health services remotely, reducing their waiting times. One example is the MyTherapy app, which makes it easy to manage drug therapies and medical appointments.

m-health: health with a tap or a click

M-health, or mobile health, relies on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and phablets) as support for care. Apps based on ADA standards, for example, offer personalised healthcare for people with disabilities, allowing medical personnel to monitor vital parameters, symptoms and illnesses remotely.

Healthcare software: precision and customisation are the watchwords

Many healthcare software packages have been integrating remote monitoring into them for years. OpenTeleHealth, for example, enables doctors to optimise the management of the condition of heart patients, diabetics or hypertensive patients and to intervene promptly if necessary.

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring benefits

Benefits of remote monitoring are undeniable:

Remote monitoring brings healthcare closer to citizens, making it smarter, and spreads a new idea: that decentralised, preventive and predictive care is possible.

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Remote monitoring is just the tip of the iceberg in e-health and m-health. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated healthcare software, the quality of care will continue to increase, making diseases more manageable.

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